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European Union’s food sector is regulated by several hygiene standards, which ensure the quality of final food products. GMP+ FSA standard ensures animal feed safety for products which subsequently become part of the feed/food chain. GMP+ FSA stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and Feed Safety Assurance.

Quality assurance system is used throughout the whole feed chain, starting from primary production, through commodity trade, storage, transhipment and transport, to laboratory analysis. GMP+ FSA certification includes selected HACCP and ISO 9001/ISO 22000 requirements.

The standard is based on Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Hygiene Practices (GMP/GHP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and legislative requirements according to EU feed/food laws.

Who the standard is intended for

The GMP+ FSA standard is intended for primary producers of agricultural commodities for feed production, producers and warehousers of feed mixtures and additives, food and agricultural commodities shipping companies (road, water transport etc.), commodity merchandisers, pet feed manufacturers and distributors.

Major goals

  • To produce and deliver feed with consumer, animal and environment safety in mind
  • To ensure reliability and credibility to all investors
  • To ensure business transparency

GMP+ FSA benefits

  • Simplified international commodity trade
  • Compliance with international partnership rules
  • Clear identification and feed health safety confirmation
  • Proof of quality and health safety for all purchasers
  • Reliable product safety warranty confirmed by a third party organisation
  • Efficient internal processes management and strong basis for decision making
  • Increased trust of national control authorities

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